Adelaide STEP'N Live Event and Meetup

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    5km jog, run or 2.5km walk. All STEP’N NFT holders, family, friend or curious others are able to participate free. Special NFT and GST Giveaways! Come an meetup with the Adelaide STEP’N community. Do your daily move to earn activity with others at the same time, and have a chance to score awesome prizes.


    Free STEP’N T-shirts, waist-bags and phone holders – limited supply available so reserve you free ticket ASAP.


    By registering for the event, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.


    Terms and Conditions:


    All STEPN meetup events are free to participants and are run by volunteers. There are no permissions expressed or implied by the organisers. Participants make use of the facilities at their own risk and without express permission from the STEPN meetup organisers or the Park or Council authorities.


    Running, walking and jogging are physically active sports. You should always seek advice from your GP before taking up a strenuous physical pursuit such as this.


    I accept that I do so entirely at my own risk and that it is my responsibility to ensure that I am fit and able to take part in the event.


    Children under the age of 18 years old are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and need to be accompanied at all times before, during and after the event.


    STEPN and its volunteers do not accept responsibility for injury, loss and damage sustained by a participant.


    Social media consent:


    I understand and am aware that STEPN or the event organisers may use photographs, digital images or videos taken at the event for promotional purposes.


    I hereby consent to the collection and use of my personal photograph, digital images and video.


    I acknowledge these may be used on STEPN related social media pages or in other marketing collateral.


    I further acknowledge that my image may be used by STEPN to promote the organisation in the future.


    I further understand that this consent may be withdrawn by me at any time, upon written notice to the event organisers.