Athens, Greece Live Event - 5k Run

Come and join other STEPN users LIVE IRL

Run/walk event details


  • Athens, Greece Live Event // Diomidous Botanical Garden
  • Saturday 28th May 09:00 – 12:00. 
  •  We will do a pre-event meet-up and introduction, talk about STEPN, then the live walk/jog/run, and prizes at the end.
  •  Afterwards we will break down into the live venues available at the Botanical Garden for drinks, meals and to chat and discuss all things STEPN, web 3.0 and generally just have an enjoyable day and meet-up.
  •  This is an amazing venue, Takisoul and Baruska from Grape Protocol have been exceptional in helping me get this event ready, I look forward to meeting as many people as possible on the day.
  •  It all starts from 10 minutes a day!
  •  *There will also be 100 shirts printed and ready at the venue on a FCFS basis, so make sure you sign up and get in early
  • Signup: